Summer camp mid-week update

Halfway through our camp and we have been geocaching, ridden one of the county’s top-three mountain biking routes, done some archery, eaten spit-roast beef and at the moment the scouts are paddling down the river Wye in canoes and kyacks!

The camp site at Biblins is great – right next to the river. The weather has been variable, but it hasn’t stopped us doing anything.

Next report later in the week.

Beavers bring their parents to their picnic


The beavers had an end of term picnic in the scout grounds on Wednesday. It was a perfect still evening and the grounds were in fantastic condition.

Goodbye to Daisy, Imogen and Courtney, who are leaving us for cubs. For everyone else, see you all again next term!

The Beaver Leaders.

23rd World Scout Jamboree – Kirara-hama, Japan 2015

WSJ 2015 JapanScouts born between 9/8/1997 and 27/7/2001 have the opportunity to go to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

To go you need to be selected (which is quite a fun process in itself) and then join in quite a lot of fund-raising (if you want to go for free), but it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Take a look at the attached letter and form.

Applications must be received the end of term.


Rockets Away!

4th Sevenoaks scouts read to launch their water rocket
Rockets away!

The scouts had an evening as rocket engineers on Friday, with patrols building and then firing water-powered rockets.

Each patrol built three rockets and then competed on accuracy (the target was a paddling pool) and distance. In the event the competitions were forgotten in the rush to fire their rockets. Some of the rockets travelled over 60m (and off into the woods) – I think we will be finding them over the coming months as we do tree work. Continue reading Rockets Away!