Successful Camping Skills Weekend

We have just got back from a really successful camping skills weekend.

The programme was on Saturday

  • Tent pitching school
  • Flag break and investitures
  • Axe and saw training
  • Lunch (always popular)
  • Cooking Competition
  • Cake break
  • Wide game – man hunt including the new occasional game ‘shoe hunt’
  • Camp fire with cocoa and doughnuts
  • Sleep!

The menus our teams cooked in the competition were

Stags: Homemade tomato soup / Chicken curry with rice and flat breads / Grilled bananas with chocolate filling

Foxes: Kebabs made with chicken, red peppers, onion and mushrooms / spaghetti with tomato sauce with meatballs and cheese / pancakes topped with fresh fruit

On Sunday, after an early start as the clocks had sprung forward

  • Cooked breakfast
  • Strike camp
  • Tracking
  • Home in time for lunch

The scouts did very well and all enjoyed, what was for many of them, their first camp as scouts.  Maggie and Natasha did an excellent job as  patrol leaders too.

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Unlike other schemes, this one is almost totally painless (and I am one who usually ignores this type of thing).  There is a full explanation of how it works on the easyfundraising page under resources on the web-site.

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Lots of sweets at Sixers & Seconders evening

You knew that, if the Cubs organised the evening themselves, there would be sweets involved, and that’s how it turned out!

They started with  a paper aeroplane design challenge (sweets as prizes) to a paper aeroplane race (sweets as prizes) – won by Alfie.

The ladder game was followed by – which team can build the highest Polo tower (Kai’s group) (you can guess what the prize was).  The evening finished off with an eating-sweets-with-chopsticks challenge (no prize necessary).

Let’s hope they all cleaned their teeth properly before bed!  Well done to the Sixers and Seconders

Written with the help of Daisy!

Picture of cubs sitting in a circle around a plate of sweets
Cubs competing to see who is best at eating sweets with chopsticks

Scouts Nighttime Navigation

Scouts Outdoor Challenge BadgeOur scouts completed a night hike around Godden Green and Ightham Mote last night. They all did really well – each taking a turn guiding their groups and ticked off a chunk of their Outdoor Challenges.

After a hot chocolate back at the hut, you have never seen scouts go to sleep so quickly!

Tired scouts at the end of their hike

The weather really helped, as despite all the recent rain most of the route was solid underfoot.

View 2014-03-07 Night Hike Route in a larger map

Stats for the route were:

  • Distance: 9.4 km
  • Total Ascent: 191 m
  • Total Descent: 243 m
  • Start Elevation: 197 m
  • End Elevation: 145 m
  • Min Elevation: 97 m
  • Max Elevation: 203 m

Spring Quiz Night

Spring Quiz Night

Following on from last year’s quiz night, we have a new and improved one for 2014 – this time with MORE activities for children – MORE questions for teens – MORE food options.

Food-wise, we will be serving chili con carne with rice or a tomato pasta.

Tickets are £4 (children’s portion) / £6 (adult / teenager sized portion) for food and the quiz
or £2 for just the quiz.

Speak to your Section Leader for tickets.