Backwoods Cooking Night

Last week they planned their menus, this week they cooked and consumed!


The four menus were:


  • Barbecued corn on the cob
  • Naan-bread pizza
  • Homemade cherry lemonade
  • Smores


  • Pasta salad
  • Cola
  • Burgers
  • Homemade biscuits


  • Cheese-stuffed roast peppers
  • Bangers and mash
  • Eaton mess with fresh strawberries


  • Snack sized jacket potatoes with bacon and cheese
  • Chicken kebabs with rice
  • Pancakes

We will be announcing the winners at next week’s meeting.

A big thank-you to our Sevenoaks Active Support judging team!

Sunday’s Volunteer Day a success!

We were blessed with perfect weather for the last Volunteer Day of the Summer term.

Can I say on behalf of everyone that uses the scout hut a huge thank you to everyone that gave up some of their Sunday to help.


Between us we have

  • Mowed
    • The main field
    • The camp site
    • The campfire circle
    • Behind the trailers
  • Strimmed
    • The alleyway between us and the flats
    • Around the Adventure Trail
    • The edges of the main field
    • The campfire circle
    • The camping areas
  • Patio and drive
    • Weeded patio and the steps
    • Tidied the edges of the driveway
    • Swept the patio
    • Weeded and painted the planters on the patio
  • Cleared
    • Cleared some of the undergrowth behind the Adventure Trail
    • Felled dead trees near the air rifle range
    • Cut back the trees and bushes overhanging the paths in the wood
    • Cut back the trees and bushes around the camping areas
  • Cleaned
    • Cleaned the ovens and the cooker
    • Cleaned the wire oven shelves
    • Tidied the cupboards in the kitchen
    • Swept and washed the minibus floor
  • Painted
    • The rear fire escape doors
  • Trailer
    • Jet washed the outside
    • Rubbed down
    • Primed all bare metal
    • Replaced the lighting connector
    • Fixed the rear indicators
  • Tidied
    • Found the floor in the store room
    • Thrown some things out (this is harder than it sounds)
    • Tidied up the store room (a bit)
    • Put some of the equipment back in the loft


Just in case anyone has any free time – the jobs that still didn’t get done include:

  • Prepare and paint the garage windows
  • Rub down and paint the main hall door
  • Build a roof to cover the army oven
  • Install the army oven near the camping area
  • Paint the garage door
  • Clear the gutters
  • Install the new radio in the minibus

Email the group if you would like a shot at any of these – we will come and help too!


Scouts Cycle Groombridge to Worth

A group of nine Scouts cycled all the way from Groombridge to Worth and back on Saturday.

It was with some trepidation we set out in the minibus and horse box in steady rain with a grim weather forecast ahead of us for our cycle trip.  However, the weather gods must have been looking out for us because as soon as we pulled into the car park in Groombridge it stopped and we had beautiful sunshine all day.

The trip was very straightforward; We followed the Forest Way from Groombridge to East Grinstead and then the Worth Way all the way over the M23 to the village or Worth.  The only tricky bit was negotiating the traffic and pedestrians in East Grinstead town centre.

After a break at St Nicholas’ church in Worth, we pedalled back for an ice cream, returning to the scout hut for dinner (thanks Jo). We rounded the evening off with a campfire / marshmallows and popcorn (never made popcorn over a camp fire before!) and then slept under the stars.  It was the last thing we had expected given the damp start to the day.

Somehow we managed to miss Stefan, Andy and Paul from all the photos – sorry!

View 2014-06-07 Groombridge to Worth Route in a larger map

Total Ascent: 281 m
Total Descent: 281 m
Start Elevation: 46 m
End Elevation: 46 m Elevation
Min Elevation: 41 m Gradient
Max Elevation: 135 m
Distance: 51.8 km 32.2 miles, although the cycle computer said 34 miles!