There is quite  a range of activities available at our camp site, either self-led or instructor-led.  [Details correct as of 01/01/2016]

Note that this page is incomplete

On-Site Activities


We have a range of archery equipment appropriate for cubs – explorers. In our experience beavers struggle, however we also have indoor archery (see below).

This is an instructor-led activity, however the nets & bosses can be hired without an instructor (own bows and instructor).

Air Rifle Shooting

We have our own dedicated air rifle gallery, housed in an old wine cellars!

This is an instructor-led activity, however the gallery can be hired without an instructor (own rifles and instructor).

Ariel Runway

We have an ariel runway available for hire.  It does need several people with the appropriate skills and sufficient time to erect.



We have a camp fire circle!


Giant Games

We have Giant Jenga and we are looking to make Smite and 10-legged race equipment available later in the year.


We have a slackline that can be rigged either at starter length (10m) all the way up to long-line length for the more experienced (50m)

Wide Games

Adventure Trail



Project: Rope Bridge

Project: Trebuchet

Project: Vertical Scramble

Scramble Net

Indoor Activities

Human Hungry Hippos, Indoor Archery

Off-Site Activities


Providing fun and adventure for boys and girls 4 years old and up.