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Cub Pack News and Information

Human Hungry Hippos has arrived at the 4th!

Testing out Human Hungry Hippos was the final activity for Greatness Cubs this term and was thoroughly enjoyed by all cubs, two scouts, and two young leaders. Even one leader had a go too! As well as enjoying themselves, they learnt how to tie and use a bowline and a figure of eight knot.

Further ‘testing’ will take place at Cubs’ Summer Camp.

Photographer Badge – Gallery

The cubs in the Wildernesse pack started their photographer’s badge last week. We have selected the following photos from the hundreds that were taken to give you a taste of what they got up to.

The themes they were asked to capture were:

  • Bivvy Building
  • Navigation
  • Knots
  • The Hut & Grounds

Click the photos to see a bigger version.

Christmas Camp 2014 at Wilberforce Scout Centre

We are back from our Christmas Camp at Wilberforce. If you ‘like’ us on Facebook you will have already seen these over the weekend, but for those that haven’t, here they are!

Lots of sweets at Sixers & Seconders evening

You knew that, if the Cubs organised the evening themselves, there would be sweets involved, and that’s how it turned out!

They started with  a paper aeroplane design challenge (sweets as prizes) to a paper aeroplane race (sweets as prizes) – won by Alfie.

The ladder game was followed by – which team can build the highest Polo tower (Kai’s group) (you can guess what the prize was).  The evening finished off with an eating-sweets-with-chopsticks challenge (no prize necessary).

Let’s hope they all cleaned their teeth properly before bed!  Well done to the Sixers and Seconders

Written with the help of Daisy!

Picture of cubs sitting in a circle around a plate of sweets
Cubs competing to see who is best at eating sweets with chopsticks