Kit List for Camps

Please find below the standard kit list of things to take to a camp with beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers. This is a list that is appropriate for a weekend camp – in which case young people should bring all of the items on it.

Please make sure everything is labelled, it greatly increases the chances of it coming home again. It is better if the young person packs his/her own bag, as parents will not be there to find crucial missing thing when they need it in a hurry.


Please bring all of the items below

  • Uniform shirt/sweatshirt (if you have one) and scarf (if you are invested) both to be worn. These must be named as they all look the same.
  • Warm sweater, jumper or sweatshirt (one thin, one warmer)
  • T-shirts or similar (at least one clean every other day), at least one long sleeved one to keep the sun off
  • Your troop/group t-shirt if you have one
  • At least one pair of shorts
  • At least one pair of trousers
  • Spare shorts / trousers
  • Spare underclothes (one pair per day)
  • Spare socks (two pair per day in winter)
  • Nightwear
  • Hike boots or strong shoes (to wear outside in the mud)
  • Trainers
  • Flip flops / Crocs (optional, useful in the summer or in wet grass)
  • If it is an indoor camp, slippers or clean crocs to wear indoors
  • Torch with good batteries & spare
  • A small day rucksack containing a refillable bottle of water
  • Waterproof coat & trousers if possible.
  • Adult sized plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, mug (with a handle) and a tea towel in a bag, ideally fabric so things dry – all these items are frequently abandoned so please label them. Do not bring china plates or bowls.
  • Sleeping bag appropriate for the time of year. If it is winter and you only have a thin sleeping bags, bring two.  Ask before camp if you get stuck as we do have a few spares. If purchasing new we recommend a 3 season as a minimum.
  • Roll mat / sleep mat. Do not bring a mattress that needs pumping up as they tend to be easy to puncture.
  • Pillow case to stuff with clothes or small pillow.
  • Blanket (wool is best & warmest)
  • Summer camp only: swimwear
  • Hankies / tissues / wet wipes
  • Personal washing requirements and towel
  • Spare set of glasses / contact lenses if worn
  • Sanitary requirements
  • Something to keep unruly hair under control (if required)
  • Warm hat and gloves / sun hat and sun-tan lotion (as appropriate)
  • Strong plastic bags (one for dirty clothes and one for dirty shoes)
  • Teddy or soft toy (especially useful for taking care of scarf and woggle when not in use)

If at all possible, please let your Scout pack themselves otherwise they struggle to find things when they need them

If you can, please write your name on as much stuff as possible – it increases the chances of it coming home. Sharpie & nail varnish for hard items works well.

The best sort of bag to bring kit to camp in is a holdall Something like these. A rucksack is OK but not required. Please avoid fabric bags or plastic bin bags if you can. It is important that clothes do not get wet if the bags get rained on.

Please check your email in case there are any specific additional items required for an event.

Don’t panic if you haven’t got all the equipment listed above, talk to one of the Leaders who will be able to give sensible advice or alternatives. We do have some spare kit at the hut if we can find it.

Don’t bring

Please do not bring

  • Aerosol deodorants, they are often flammable, can affect those with asthma and can damage the canvas of tents
  • No electronics – any phones, music players etc will be collected and locked away at the start of camp
  • Matches / lighters / flammable fluids / fire lighters
  • No money or knives (unless specifically advised in advance by a leader)
  • Sweets and snacks are not allowed for younger sections or encouraged for Scouts or Explorers. On no account allow your Scout to bring more than one small tube of sweets e.g. a roll of fruit pastilles and definitely not individually wrapped things
  • It almost goes without saying do not bring any vapes / cigarettes / anything else you shouldn’t have.

General Advice

A number of layers is warmer than one thick one and the warmth can be regulated more easily – do not forget your hands and head, wearing a woolly hat in bed sounds daft but makes a big difference.

Do not pack your torch with batteries fitted (or at the bottom of your kit) as it could easily get accidentally turned on and you will arrive at the camp with flat batteries.

Do not bring your best white trainers or coat or trousers to camp.

At the time of writing (2022) Scouts and Guides receive a discount at members of the Go-Outdoors group (Go-Outdoors, Blacks and Millets). Ask a leader for details.

Prescription Medication

If any prescription medication needs or may need to be taken during a scouting event, please complete a Medical Information Form and make sure that Leaders are aware and that the form is handed over on arrival.

Even if the young person is willing and able to administer the medication themselves, it is important that it is passed to leaders.

Finally, if the medication is at all harmful to others if lost or misused we typically keep it somewhere safe.

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