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25/01/2019Where is it from?Global - bring an item from another country. Waste charity - Laura Surviving a disaster
01/02/2019Recycle & reuseNeed old t-shirt & Finish Enironmentl
08/02/2019Chinese New Yearchinese game - tash stir fry - jo - chopsticks dragon - steve & jo print
15/02/2019InternationalChinese theme - culture & Buddhism Chinese game
01/03/2019World Scout BadgeContinue Chinese theme Make, build or draw something to represent a country. Include things like its currency, national dress, cultures, customs and languages
08/03/2019Dementia & awarenesscommunity impact
15/03/2019Lavender Fields
29/03/2019Cook on Firecook in embers & make a cup of tea
05/04/2019No cubs


Start dateEventsExtra details
18/01/2019Night Hike Heaverham to Mill Lane

Providing fun and adventure for boys and girls 6 years old and up.