Monopoly Run 2024

The 4th and the 9th Sevenoaks took 7 teams to London on Saturday, competing in the annual Monopoly Run Live competition organised by a team from Hampshire Scouts.

The competition has grown over the years until this year when they have capped the entry at 8,000 competitors.

This year the run started from the Imperial War Museum instead of the usual London Eye. After a very damp first hour, the day brightened up and we even saw the sun in the afternoon.

The teams were generally not competing with each other this year, which meant more of the teams could taste success! Our top teams came 19th and 22nd overall out of over 1400 teams (well done Cars and Hustlers!)

Here are a selection of photos from the day

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone at the group a warm and merry Christmas and a great 2024.

  • To the children of all ages for attending meetings and enjoying yourselves
  • To all the parents for responding to all those emails, and helping the young people get to the right place, at the right time, with the right stuff!
  • To the leaders for all their organising and patience
  • To the adult volunteers who do so much behind the scenes work to manage the charity, support the leaders, and to keep the site and grounds a safe and enjoyable place to scout.

Thank you so much to everyone at the group

Have a great break and see you all after the holidays!

#iScout #Sevenoaks #SevenoaksScouts

Christmas Camp at Broadstone Warren

This year’s Christmas Camp was held at Broadstone Warren, just outside Forest Row in East Sussex.

Weather was a lot warmer than last year, but the 16mm of rain made things fairly damp.

After a scout survey, we went for a climbing heavy programme. It included

  • Christmas Quiz – which team of scouts (or leaders) will triumph in a festive quiz. The leaders only get to answer questions that the scouts have missed.
  • Crate stacking – the scouts see how high can get as a stack of milk crates is built under them
  • Abseiling – scouts descend the side of the 12m climbing tower on a rope
  • Tunnels – the scouts explore a multi-room man-made underground tunnel system
  • Leap of faith – scouts climb up to a platform high above the forest floor and see if they can grab hold of a hanging bar several metres in front of them
  • Jacob’s Ladder – scouts climb up a ‘ladder’ of logs, each gap between logs getting further apart
  • Climbing – scouts pick a way up the side of the climbing tower
  • Silent disco – scouts choose to listen to one of three
  • Christmas Carol-fire – a Christmas-themed sing-song round the camp fire
  • Festive campfire sketch – each of the five quiz-teams perform a campfire seasonal skit.

And no camp would be complete without everyone’s favourite activity (apart from complaining about the weather), eating!

This year featuring: Cooked breakfast, porridge, soup, sandwiches, Christmas dinner featuring spit-roast turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes and veggies followed by panettone or Christmas pudding and custard; camp doughnuts, more porridge, spit-roast pork and apple rolls and mince pies

A huge thank you to all the scouts, leaders and parents that helped make camp happen.

If this looks like something you would like to do, then you can join scouting too! As an adult or a young person.

Night-time adventures in Sevenoaks Weald

Eight groups of scouts went out exploring on Friday evening, with a night navigation hike from locations across the district to Sevenoaks Weald.

Walking parties from 10th Sevenoaks (Weald), 9th Sevenoaks (Seal) and both Chapman and Swift troops from the 4th set out from locations stretching from Westerham to Shipbourne and navigated their way to the scout hut in Sevenoaks Weald.

Map showing the eight routes
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