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Night-time adventures in Sevenoaks Weald

Eight groups of scouts went out exploring on Friday evening, with a night navigation hike from locations across the district to Sevenoaks Weald.

Walking parties from 10th Sevenoaks (Weald), 9th Sevenoaks (Seal) and both Chapman and Swift troops from the 4th set out from locations stretching from Westerham to Shipbourne and navigated their way to the scout hut in Sevenoaks Weald.

Map showing the eight routes
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Treasure Hunt at Oldbury Hill

Both Swift and Chapman troop tested their night-time navigation skills with a treasure hunt in Oldbury Hill Woods this week.

The scouts were given some written instructions on which way to go including a list of bearings. They had to locate all the control-points and stamp their card at each.

The Swift leaders were pleased that all scouts successfully made it back to the final control point in time for a quick game.

Chapman tried their hand at it the following Tuesday, and, apart from one team who took their own path, they all made it round. The Chapman leaders also had the presence of mind to take some photos!


Hiking for Chips!

Chapman and Swift Troops both went hiking for chips this week.

Route map

They started from Old Soar Manor, close to Plaxtol Spout and hiked north, roughly following the River Bourne

The walk on Tuesday was difficult, early delays in leaving together with fog and rain turned it into a bit of a slog, however on Friday the weather was fantastic, with clear sky, full moon and slightly frosty underfoot.  Scouts walked in small groups doing their own navigation with everyone getting to the chip shop on time and some even (deliberately) choosing more adventurous routes!

Thank you to all the leaders, helpers and parents that were involved in the hikes. and to Four Wents Fish Bar in Borough Green 

Scouts Nighttime Navigation

Scouts Outdoor Challenge BadgeOur scouts completed a night hike around Godden Green and Ightham Mote last night. They all did really well – each taking a turn guiding their groups and ticked off a chunk of their Outdoor Challenges.

After a hot chocolate back at the hut, you have never seen scouts go to sleep so quickly!

Tired scouts at the end of their hike

The weather really helped, as despite all the recent rain most of the route was solid underfoot.

View 2014-03-07 Night Hike Route in a larger map

Stats for the route were:

  • Distance: 9.4 km
  • Total Ascent: 191 m
  • Total Descent: 243 m
  • Start Elevation: 197 m
  • End Elevation: 145 m
  • Min Elevation: 97 m
  • Max Elevation: 203 m