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Scout Troop News and Information

Scouts on Expedition

Ten of our older scouts undertook their Expedition Challenge at the weekend.

To complete their challenge they have to plan an expedition, including destination, means of travel, routes / itinerary, food planning and then carry it out. They only thing they don’t have to do is carry all their camping equipment with them.

Both groups successfully planned their journeys and navigated their way from Sevenoaks to Malling District’s campsite at Comp Wood.

They then proceeded to cook the meals that they had bought. They all did a great job and all of the food looked edible!

After camping the night they then followed the other team’s route back to Sevenoaks.

Just Messing Around on The River

Our scouts headed for the river this weekend, and tried their hands at paddle boarding.

There are lots of photos from the session – View them in Google Photos

This activity was made possible in part by a grant from Kent County Council, which paid for leader training and equipment, and by the adults that supported the activity.

The activity was hosted at 14th Tonbridge Sea Scouts HQ

If you are a scout or explorer scout in the district, we are planning future sessions see the District Events Website

Scouts Camp at Hamlet Wood

Our planned microlighting session during camp unfortunately had to be cancelled. After a quick reassessment of our weekend, we decided to relocate the camp to Hamlet Wood scout campsite near Maidstone.

The camp was a patrol camp, with scouts doing just about all the catering for the whole weekend, including cooking for leaders!

We tried a somewhat different menu for a change.

  • Supper: Sausage-in-a-bun, hot chocolate
  • Breakfast: Full English (choice of egg, beans, mushrooms, bacon, sausage, toast/eggy-bread)
  • Lunch: Chicken or haloumi fajitas followed by campfire doughnuts
  • Dinner: Spaghetti, tomato sauce and meatballs and pineapple fritters for desert
  • Sunday Breakfast: Breakfast burritos
  • Eleven o’clock snack: Smores

We did manage to squeeze some activities in-between the cooking and eating – we threw tomahawks, ran a catapult shooting gallery (only tin cans and chickpeas were hurt) and ran some wide games.

We have masses of photos and videos – there are a sample below but you can view them all in the shared album

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Scouts Hike for Ice-cream

Chapman Scouts hiked their way from Otford and Kemsing to our Scout HQ

They managed to go via a shop for a cheeky ice cream (and other treats – don’t tell the parents!).

Having started in two different villages, the two groups bumped into each other just at the point where the routes joined together.

Perfect timing!

We’re going on a chip hunt, we’re going to find a big one, we’re not scared

Swift troop went searching for chips on Friday.

On a beautiful May evening, 35 of us went for a stroll across the fields and woods to the West of Sevenoaks with the promise of deep fried potatoes as a prize. Groups started from different locations and converged on Tom Bells Chip shop in Station Parade.

Most of the scouts took a turn navigating, and all arrived with enough time to queue up for their prize. A couple of the groups were so quick they even added on a bonus loop!

May Camp at Hammerwood

The scout troops spend the weekend camping at Hammerwood Scout Camp, on the edge of the Ashdown Forest near East Grinstead.

It was a back-to-basics camp with the scouts cooking all their own meals over wood fires.

Menu for the weekend was

  • Hotdogs & hot chocolate for supper after pitching camp
  • Cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and toast
  • Tea/coffee/squash, fruit or a biscuit for for mid morning snack
  • Do-it-yourself wraps for lunch + fruit tart
  • Tea/coffee/squash, fruit or a biscuit for mid afternoon snack
  • Chicken and vegetable curry and rice for dinner followed by sponge puddings and custard
  • Hot chocolate for supper
  • Choice of eggy bread / omelette and cereal for breakfast
  • For end-of-striking camp snack the scouts made Smores using enormous (‘EPIC Huge’) marshmallows

The scouts managed a good number of activities into the weekend when they weren’t cooking.

  • The brushed up their archery skills
  • They set tracking trails for the other teams to follow
  • They all had chance to perfect their axe and saw skills
  • They tried their hand at whittling – either tent pegs or cutlery
  • They also managed to play quite a few wide games – without injuries!