Meet the Team

Group Executive Committee

Richard Lindsay – Group Chairman
Clare Chapman – outgoing Group Treasurer
Philip Martin – incoming Group Treasurer
Alison Zdzylowski – Group Secretary
Jo Brookbank – Group Scout Leader

Chapman Scout Troop (Tuesday)

Matt Podd – Assistant Scout Leader
Jason Harvey – Assistant Scout Leader

Swift Scout Troop (Friday)

Michael Dreksler – Assistant Scout Leader
Carl Ellmer – Assistant Scout Leader
Donald Edgar– Assistant Scout Leader
Rob Southwell– Assistant Scout Leader

Wildernesse Cub Pack (Wednesday)

Richard Everest – “Akela” – Cub Scout Leader
Stephanie Bailey – “Chil” – Assistant Cub Scout Leader
Jason Stevens – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Greatness Cub Pack (Friday)

Steve Kelley – “Akela” – Cub Scout Leader
Clara Kelley – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Pinewood Beaver Colony(Wednesday)

Shelley Williams – “Owl” – Beaver Leader
Julie Wright – Assistant Beaver Leader
Nikki Myall – Assistant Beaver Leader

Millpond Beaver Colony (Friday)

Becky Sandles – “Otter” – Beaver Leader
Emily Underhill – Assistant Beaver Leader
Laura-Lee Wynes – Assistant Beaver Leader
Edwina Shaw – Assistant Beaver Leader

Group Assistants

Although not leaders, other people help make the scouting happen by assisting in one or more sections meetings each week

  • Charlene Pounds
  • Rachel Evans
  • Amy Smith
  • Martha Rutherford
  • Hannah Hukins
  • Wendy Alteirac
  • Edwina Shaw
  • Eirik Timms
  • Sophie Heap
  • Maeve Dunderdale
  • Charlotte Stevens
  • Eli Garrote Morales
  • Chris Brooker
  • Annabel Clarke
  • Jo Molyneux
  • Philip Martin

We are also helped by lots of fantastic Young Leaders that we can’t name here – and lots of occasional helpers – thank you!

There are lots and lots of people that help out at the group in other ways behind the scenes – with maintenance and projects as well as administration and helping out with events. Thank you all too 🙂

Updated 07/01/2019

Providing fun and adventure for boys and girls 4 years old and up.