Cub Uniform v5

Cub uniform consists of

  • Green polo shirt
  • Green sweatshirt
  • Group scarf with a woggle (both presented by the group – ours is navy with white edging)
  • Navy activity trousers

All of the above are available from the District Scout Shop or online from scoutshops.com, both of which return profits to scouting.

PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR SCOUT CLOTHING, you would be amazed how much gets lost, particularly scarves.

For a printable version, download the pdf file from the Scout Association website.
The Scout Association website has a diagram showing where the different badges should appear on the uniform. If in doubt please ask. Download the diagram

Additionally, the Group has makes the following items available from time to time.

  • Navy blue hoodie with 4th Sevenoaks Logo
  • Navy activity polo with 4th Sevenoaks Logo
  • Waterproof jacket with 4th Sevenoaks Logo
  • Waterproof trousers

These items are not required, however equivalent items will be necessary for some activities.

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