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The standard scout font is TheSerif, however this is a paid-for font and not generally available.  The Scout Association Website will allow you to generate a few words in a pdf.  Also there are a few font-preview websites around the internet which are a bit easier to use and allow you to generate longer bits of text.

A replacement for TheSerif that is more widely available are Rockwell (included with MS Office).


Primary Colours

Scout Purple R 77, G 33, B 119 #4D2177
Scout Green R 132, G 164, B 11 #84A40B

Secondary Colours

Scout Mauve R 139, G 0, B 102 #8B0066
Scout Orange R 237, G 119, B 3 #ED7703
Scout Blue R 0, G 105, B 144 #006990
Scout Brown R 157, G 85, B 45 #9D552D
Scout Grey R 65, G 90, B 104 #415A68
Scout Black R 0, G 19, B 35 #001323

Section Logos

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Old Logos

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