Branding & Images

2023 Branding Update

No change to the logos

New branding guide


Three new colours

  • Scout Teal is now darker to aid readability when used behind white text
  • Scouts Orange – a new youthful, bold and optimistic colour
  • Scouts Forest Green – supposedly to complement the new cub badges
Scout Purple
Primary colour for external user116 g20 b220c72 m80 y0 k0Violet C#7413dcYJB506
Scout Teal
Primary colour for external user6 g132 b134c74 m0 y45 k03275 C#088486YHG725
Scout Red
Squirrelsr237 g64 b36 c0 m90 y100 k0Red 032 C#ed3f23YHG125
Scouts Pink
r255 g180 b229c2 m30 y0 k0183 C#ffb4e5YHG113
Scouts Green
r38 g183 b86c75 m0 y91 k0347 C#25b755YHG741
Scouts NavyExplorersr0 g58 b130c100 m88 y12 k0294 C#003982YHG328
Scouts BlueBeaversr0 g110 b224c95 m35 y0 k0285 C006ddfYHG334
Scouts Yellowr255 g230 b39c0 m6 y90 k0108 C#ffe627YHG207
Scouts Oranger255 g145 b42 c0 m52 y91 k0715 C#ff912a
Scouts Forest GreenNew cub green?r32 g91 b65c85 m40 y79 k35554 C#205b41
BlackNetworkProcess Black
Grey 8047#2f2f2f
Grey 6099#636363
Grey 40151#979797
Grey 20203#c8c8c8
Cub Section Green Cubsr35 g169 b80c75 m0 y91 k0347 C#23a950YHG741
Scout Section Green Scoutsr0 g72 b81c97 m21 y33 k73316 C#004851YJB613

2018 Branding Refresh


The scout association brand centre website


UK Scouting has now standardised on Nuntino Sans which is available on the brand centre or from Google directly 

Scouting Logos

OLD (2015-2018)


See for the most up-to-date information


The standard scout font is TheSerif, however this is a paid-for font and not generally available.  The Scout Association Website will allow you to generate a few words in a pdf.  Also there are a few font-preview websites around the internet which are a bit easier to use and allow you to generate longer bits of text.

A replacement for TheSerif that is more widely available are Rockwell (included with MS Office).


Primary Colours

Scout Purple R 77, G 33, B 119 #4D2177
Scout Green R 132, G 164, B 11 #84A40B

Secondary Colours

Scout Mauve R 139, G 0, B 102 #8B0066
Scout Orange R 237, G 119, B 3 #ED7703
Scout Blue R 0, G 105, B 144 #006990
Scout Brown R 157, G 85, B 45 #9D552D
Scout Grey R 65, G 90, B 104 #415A68
Scout Black R 0, G 19, B 35 #001323

Section Logos

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Old Logos

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Providing fun and adventure for boys and girls 4 years old and up.