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The Scout Association has recently produced a Haynes manual for Scouting – take a look! The Scouts – A User’s Manual

The page is to join the 4th Sevenoaks Scouts in Sevenoaks, Kent, England – please do not use it if you live in a different County!

At the time of update (April 2018) both of our beaver and cub sections are currently full, there are spaces in our scout troops. Any spaces that occur will be filled from the waiting list and this is the only way to join the waiting list.  Please do not contact the leaders directly!

By completing the form below you agree to the details you provide being stored on a computer and used for the purposes of managing our waiting list. You will also be added to a mailing list which we use to keep you appraised of selected events at the group (no more than one email per term). You may opt out of the mailing list at any time.

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Please note, that we need both the date of birth and the school year for us to choose the right time for your young person to start

Has anyone in your family or your young person had any experience of scouting or guiding, if so, what and when

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Has your young person got any particular friends in the group / on the waiting list together? Please name them. If we can keep friends together we will do so. Please also say if you have a strong preference for Wednesday or Friday (this may reduce your chances of getting a place).

Other Details

Please mention if the young person has had any previous scouting experience, whether you or your partner would be willing to help out, or anything else you think we should know.

Scouting is a volunteer-based organisation, so if we are oversubscribed, priority will be given to families that help out with the group regularly in some way (not necessarily becoming a leader). See What can you do? for details.

I accept that the details I entered will be stored and used for the purposes of managing the waiting list of 4th Sevenoaks Scout Group. You may be contacted with news and additional information while on the waiting list. The details you enter will not be used for any non-scouting purpose.

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