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Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone at the group a warm and merry Christmas and a great 2024.

  • To the children of all ages for attending meetings and enjoying yourselves
  • To all the parents for responding to all those emails, and helping the young people get to the right place, at the right time, with the right stuff!
  • To the leaders for all their organising and patience
  • To the adult volunteers who do so much behind the scenes work to manage the charity, support the leaders, and to keep the site and grounds a safe and enjoyable place to scout.

Thank you so much to everyone at the group

Have a great break and see you all after the holidays!

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Christmas Camp at Cudham Shaws

The scout troops held their Christmas ‘Chiller’ Camp at Cudham Shaws Scout Campsite at the weekend.

This year it really was a chiller camp, with cold weather all weekend – getting as low as -4 C on Saturday night.


As usual, we pitched camp on Friday evening, after getting all the tents up we erected the Christmas tree and tucked into a sausage-in-a-bun. In a foretaste of what was to come, there was definitely a nip in the air as we sat down to eat.

Entertainment for the remainder of the evening was decorating the mess tent and the traditional Christmas Quiz. In a shock, hopefully never-to-be-repeated turn of events, the scouts beat the leaders!

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Christmas Camp 2017

We survived the freezing conditions over the weekend for our ‘Christmas’ Camp at Kingswood Grosvenor Hall in Ashford.

On the first evening we all went to the huge gym to play a few games in an attempt meet our group leader, Finn, and to burn off some energy.

Before bed time one of our scouts decided to see if the smoke detectors could really be triggered by an aerosol, as we had been warned (spoiler: yes).  We had a fire alarm drill….

Saturday and Sunday saw us split into four groups and rotate around the following activities:

  • Leap of Faith (climb up a 10m pole then throw yourself off in the direction of a trapeze
  • Archery
  • Obstacle course – circular course with challenging things to do
  • Laser tag – either inside or outside
  • Nightline – maze games while blindfolded
  • 3G swing – be hauled up to 10m before being dropped on a giant swing. It is 3g as you experience 3g at the bottom.
  • Problem solving – team brain games
  • Jacobs ladder – in pairs, climb up a ‘ladder’ where the rungs are increasingly far apart
  • Ariel runway – huge zipline

The full album is posted on our Facebook Page in the Christmas 2017 Album

Christmas Camp 2014 at Wilberforce Scout Centre

We are back from our Christmas Camp at Wilberforce. If you ‘like’ us on Facebook you will have already seen these over the weekend, but for those that haven’t, here they are!

See what we did at Bears Wood


After a surprisingly short journey squashed into the minibus, we arrived at Bears Wood campsite on the outskirts of Croydon on a chilly Friday evening.

There was some initial shock at just how cold it was inside the hut during flag-break and investitures, but the scouts warmed up after they explored the whole site with a game of capture the flag. They were welcomed back to much warmer hall by a roaring fire and mugs of hot chocolate.

One good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast later, we faced the outside. I think they describe the weather on Saturday as ‘wintery’ – waterproofs were going to be required!

First two activities were mini quads and bungee-run.


After lunch, the scouts tried the trust wall – where one scout traversed each side of a climbing wall, where each ‘hold’ could only be used on one side of the wall at a time; the assault course and the blind trail (one scout attached to a guide rope, the others blindfolded carrying cups of water).

The whole group played laser-tag until it got dark, before retreating to the hut for some impromptu fort-building in the hall and sock-drying in front of the fire.

Christmas dinner for 23

2013-12-21 18.55.05_1080


We held a Camp Carol-fire round their splendid terraced camp fire circle before topping-up with mince pies and hot chocolate.

Sunday arrived with brilliant blue skies, so after breakfast we went out for a mini orienteering course before even more mince pies, silly games, secret santa and striking camp.

Good bye until next year!