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Christmas Camp 2017

We survived the freezing conditions over the weekend for our ‘Christmas’ Camp at Kingswood Grosvenor Hall in Ashford.

On the first evening we all went to the huge gym to play a few games in an attempt meet our group leader, Finn, and to burn off some energy.

Before bed time one of our scouts decided to see if the smoke detectors could really be triggered by an aerosol, as we had been warned (spoiler: yes).  We had a fire alarm drill….

Saturday and Sunday saw us split into four groups and rotate around the following activities:

  • Leap of Faith (climb up a 10m pole then throw yourself off in the direction of a trapeze
  • Archery
  • Obstacle course – circular course with challenging things to do
  • Laser tag – either inside or outside
  • Nightline – maze games while blindfolded
  • 3G swing – be hauled up to 10m before being dropped on a giant swing. It is 3g as you experience 3g at the bottom.
  • Problem solving – team brain games
  • Jacobs ladder – in pairs, climb up a ‘ladder’ where the rungs are increasingly far apart
  • Ariel runway – huge zipline

The full album is posted on our Facebook Page in the Christmas 2017 Album

Photographer Badge – Gallery

The cubs in the Wildernesse pack started their photographer’s badge last week. We have selected the following photos from the hundreds that were taken to give you a taste of what they got up to.

The themes they were asked to capture were:

  • Bivvy Building
  • Navigation
  • Knots
  • The Hut & Grounds

Click the photos to see a bigger version.

Christmas Camp 2014 at Wilberforce Scout Centre

We are back from our Christmas Camp at Wilberforce. If you ‘like’ us on Facebook you will have already seen these over the weekend, but for those that haven’t, here they are!

Gathering of Ghouls!


The beavers and cubs had their Halloween party last night, and what a gruesome gathering it was!

Despite the fearsome sight, the ghouls set aside their differences and enjoyed a selection of party games including the now-traditional bobbing for chocolate in flour.

The evening ended with a nice selection of party food and a test-run of our new popcorn machine!