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News from outside the group

Successful Camping Skills Weekend

We have just got back from a really successful camping skills weekend.

The programme was on Saturday

  • Tent pitching school
  • Flag break and investitures
  • Axe and saw training
  • Lunch (always popular)
  • Cooking Competition
  • Cake break
  • Wide game – man hunt including the new occasional game ‘shoe hunt’
  • Camp fire with cocoa and doughnuts
  • Sleep!

The menus our teams cooked in the competition were

Stags: Homemade tomato soup / Chicken curry with rice and flat breads / Grilled bananas with chocolate filling

Foxes: Kebabs made with chicken, red peppers, onion and mushrooms / spaghetti with tomato sauce with meatballs and cheese / pancakes topped with fresh fruit

On Sunday, after an early start as the clocks had sprung forward

  • Cooked breakfast
  • Strike camp
  • Tracking
  • Home in time for lunch

The scouts did very well and all enjoyed, what was for many of them, their first camp as scouts.  Maggie and Natasha did an excellent job as  patrol leaders too.

Scouts Victorious

Plender 20131013_091254_1080x727

Scouts Victorious! Our team of scouts won the District Plender Hike last night – successfully navigating their way around the Kemsing course of a clear but chilly October evening.

Update: Thanks for the extra photos Carl. More photos and details of what happened in the event to come!

A big thank you to Peter and the team for organising it.  The one downside of winning is that it will be us that organise it next year 🙂