Standard Nights Away Kit List

The standard list of items you should pack when going on an overnight activity is as follows:

  • Complete uniform (generally this should be worn to and from the event)
  • Warm sweatshirt/jumper/fleece(s)
  • Trousers/shorts
  • Underclothes (plenty)
  • Spare socks, suitable to wear with boots (plenty)
  • Hike boots or strong shoes
  • Trainers
  • Waterproofs (coat and trousers)
  • Hankies / tissues
  • Night clothes
  • Wash kit and towel
  • Swim suit
  • Footwear to wear in water, if appropriate
  • Hair control
  • Scarf, warm hat and gloves, if appropriate
  • Sun hat, sun cream, insect repellent and sun glasses if appropriate
  • Torch including spare batteries
  • Sleeping bag
  • Roll mat
  • Bowl, plate, mug, cutlery
  • Tea towel
  • Personal first aid kit inc plasters and bite cream (scouts)
  • Day sac, lunchbox plastic drinks bottle
  • Small notebook and pen
  • Polythene bags (for dirty clothes)
  • Rucksack to carry everything
  • Camp blanket (optional)
  • Soft toy (optional beavers and cubs)

Don’t panic if you haven’t got all the equipment listed above, talk to one of the Leaders who will be able to give
sensible advice or alternatives.

Those with a uniform should wear it to and from the camp.

To increase the chance of personal property coming home, please label all items with either indelible ink and/or engraving as appropriate. Remember paper labels wash off after the second or third meal, and it’s amazing how many mums use the same shade of nail varnish.

No aerosol deodorants, they are often flammable, can affect those with asthma and can damage the canvas of tents

No games or similar items (i.e. radio’s or cassette players) which require batteries to run.

A number of layers is warmer than one thick one and the warmth can be regulated more easily – do not forget your
hands and head, wearing a woolly hat in bed sounds daft but makes a big difference.

Do not pack your torch with batteries fitted (or at the bottom of your kit) as it could easily get accidentally turned on and
you will arrive at the camp with flat batteries.

Nights Away Information forms will be issued prior to each event with any specific items to take (or not to take).  The list above is for general guidance.

Report: Scouts Summer Camp 2012 in Yelverton

The scout troop camped on Dartmoor this year at the Plymouth scouts district campsite near Yelverton.

The programme for the camp was

Saturday – travel and set up camp

Sunday – camp skills, explore the area, spit-roast beef and yorkshire puddings followed by night-time wide game

Monday – raft building and paddle

Tuesday – mountain biking

Wednesday – geocaching, working with the park ranger

Thursday – canoe expedition, dam building

Friday – trip to Morwellhan Quay, pack up patrol areas, open air bivouac

Saturday – breakfast hike and then travel home

Well done to everyone that participated!

Group Camp 2012

We held our Olympic-themed group camp on 6-8th July.

Each of our 10 ‘country’ teams consisted of beavers, cubs and scouts and competed in a wide variety of events including

  • Tent pitching against the clock
  • Water challenge (and not just the weather)
  • Tug-of-war tournament
  • Track events
  • Field events
  • Royal Tournament go-cart challenge
  • Shooting

At the end it was still very close, finishing with Australia at the head of the medals table, followed by Great Britain and Germany.

Camp photo gallery (registered users only)

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