Supporting Shelterbox during Group Camp

Shelterbox tents in action

This year during group camp we will be travelling up to central London to take part in the Shelterbox Scavenger Hunt. This is being run for scouts by the Youung Shelterbox programme.

On Saturday 8 June everyone in central London had better look out, as around 570 scouts will be seen racing around landmarks within in a 4 mile radius, carrying the organisation’s distinctive green boxes.

The Cubs, Scouts and Explorers aged 8 to 18 years will be collecting facts about the city from cryptic clues about points of interest, and they also take part in challenges related to ShelterBox to learn more about disaster relief as they go.
But this Scavenger Hunt, one of the largest of its kind in the country, has grown in popularity every year. The first in 2009 attracted 25 teams, but this year almost 100 have signed up within a fortnight. The event is now over-subscribed.

Organiser Jessica North says, ‘Thank you so much to everyone who has registered for this year’s ShelterBox London Scavenger Hunt! We have been completely surprised and delighted by how many teams wanted to take part this year.