MasterChef: Outdoors


4th Sevenoaks Scouts held a MasterChef: Outdoors evening last night – with each patrol competing for the Top Cook toque (chef’s hat). To avoid everyone cooking pasta – each patrol was given an unusual country and given a challenge to produce a two-course meal for two from that country. All within a budget of £6.

Wolves – Morroco

Menu: Meatballs with a spiced tomato sauce, served with almonds and corriander, followed by fresh orange slices dusted with blossom snow.

Cobras – Thailand

Menu: A starter of fresh melon, followed by thai green curry served with noodles.

Pumas – Skandinavia

Menu: Pork with white sauce served with swede and carrot mash, followed by pancakes with lemon, sugar and blackcurrant jam.

Eagle Hawks- Russia

Menu: Russian burger served with home-made bread sticks, tomato sauce and sour cream followed by a crisp pancake.

SPLs – Japan

Menu: Vegetable stir-fry served with fresh noodles and a teryaki and ginger sauce followed by Ringo Ame (toffee apples)


The competition was narrowly won by Wolves, with their Moroccan menu. Well done!