Sunday’s Volunteer Day a success!

We were blessed with perfect weather for the last Volunteer Day of the Summer term.

Can I say on behalf of everyone that uses the scout hut a huge thank you to everyone that gave up some of their Sunday to help.


Between us we have

  • Mowed
    • The main field
    • The camp site
    • The campfire circle
    • Behind the trailers
  • Strimmed
    • The alleyway between us and the flats
    • Around the Adventure Trail
    • The edges of the main field
    • The campfire circle
    • The camping areas
  • Patio and drive
    • Weeded patio and the steps
    • Tidied the edges of the driveway
    • Swept the patio
    • Weeded and painted the planters on the patio
  • Cleared
    • Cleared some of the undergrowth behind the Adventure Trail
    • Felled dead trees near the air rifle range
    • Cut back the trees and bushes overhanging the paths in the wood
    • Cut back the trees and bushes around the camping areas
  • Cleaned
    • Cleaned the ovens and the cooker
    • Cleaned the wire oven shelves
    • Tidied the cupboards in the kitchen
    • Swept and washed the minibus floor
  • Painted
    • The rear fire escape doors
  • Trailer
    • Jet washed the outside
    • Rubbed down
    • Primed all bare metal
    • Replaced the lighting connector
    • Fixed the rear indicators
  • Tidied
    • Found the floor in the store room
    • Thrown some things out (this is harder than it sounds)
    • Tidied up the store room (a bit)
    • Put some of the equipment back in the loft


Just in case anyone has any free time – the jobs that still didn’t get done include:

  • Prepare and paint the garage windows
  • Rub down and paint the main hall door
  • Build a roof to cover the army oven
  • Install the army oven near the camping area
  • Paint the garage door
  • Clear the gutters
  • Install the new radio in the minibus

Email the group if you would like a shot at any of these – we will come and help too!